How to Subscribe

We're very excited that you're interested in becoming a subscriber! At BPACC we strive to bring our community and patrons the most entertaining season possible. By becoming a subscriber, you save 25% on your selection (excluding headliners)! And by being a subscriber, you'll get first pick of the seats for each new season! Follow the steps below to become a subscriber.

Step 1

Take a look at the season. To the right is a copy of our subscription form.

Step 2

Select 5 or more individual shows.

In order to become a subscriber and receive the 25% discount, you must select 5 or more individual shows, excluding headliners. Headliners are not included in the discount, and are added to the total at the end.

Step 3

Select the number of tickets you'd like for each show.

Buying 1 ticket to each of your 5 or more selected shows makes you eligible for 1 ticket to every headliner. If you buy 2 tickets to each of your shows, you're eligible for 2 tickets to each headliner, and so forth and so on.

Buying one ticket to every show still only counts as 1 subscription, and makes you eligible for only 1 ticket to each headliner.

Step 4

Give us an idea of where you'd like to sit.

We can't guarantee that your first choice is available, but we will place you as close to your selected seating as possible.

Step 5

Submit your subscription. Payment is due at time of order.

You can call us at 901-358-5588, drop by our Box Office (M-F 10AM-2PM), or email us to process your order.


  • Ticket Totals - 25% + Headliner Ticket Totals = Your Price.
  • Check your selections against our seating charts. Only headliners, Hotel California and Smoke on the Mountain are priced by location.
  • Some shows have an adult/youth ticket option. All patrons attending a show must have a ticket (including young children).
  • If you buy 2 tickets to 4 shows, and 1 ticket to 1 show, you still only have 1 subscription, and are only eligible for 1 ticket to each headliner.


Season Subscription


Seating Chart A


Seating Chart B