The Tempest

The Tempest Friday, October 13 at 7:00 PM Free Outdoor Performance

Friday, October 13 at 7:00 PM

Tennessee Shakespeare Company presents a story of magic, shipwrecks, and betrayal with The Tempest, often regarded as one of Shakespeare's finest romances.

Prospero, a magician and the former Duke of Milan, has lived in exile on a remote island with his daughter Miranda for over 12 years. With the perfect opportunity for revenge, Prospero and his fairy helper Ariel summon a vicious storm to strand the men who orchestrated his exile. Plans change when the crown prince Ferdinand falls in love with Miranda and Prospero has to question if revenge is worth the price.

Lawn chairs or blankets are highly recommended. This year's food trucks are Donna's Kettle Corn and Bartlett Coffee.

The Tempest - Prospero Talks With Miranda
The Tempest - Prospero Commands Ariel
The Tempest - Wedding Masque Scene

From Tennessee Shakespeare Company:

On the mystical isle once ruled by the witch Sycorax, her demi-devil son Caliban and the airy spirit Ariel held sway – until 12 years ago. The betrayed and deposed Duke Prospero of Milan and his infant daughter Miranda were shipwrecked there in a cast-off, rotten boat – given up for dead. Indenturing Ariel and Caliban, raising his daughter, and teaching himself magical arts, Prospero now sets his sights on mortal revenge when his enemies appear on the sea’s horizon. He raises a tempest to shipwreck them, but this will not end in tragedy. When the royals and clowns arrive, a life-long lesson in redemption and forgiveness unfolds within a musical harmony of the sea. What Miranda will describe as a “brave new world” will be Shakespeare’s farewell to the stage.

Running without intermission, this production features 13 actors, including Michael Khanlarian as Prospero.

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