Facility Specs


  • Standard Seating: 350 Seats, all at orchestra level. If the first four rows are removed to accommodate an orchestra total number is reduced to 300.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: 8 handicap seating positions located in the auditorium:
  • Right-Row D and Left-Row D - Wheelchair positions
  • Center-Row U - Wheelchair positions at each end of the row
  • Right-Row T, Left-Row T, Center-Row G - Transfer seats on the aisle


Proscenium opening stage depth plaster line to:

  • Downstage edge of apron 3'-9"
  • Back wall 28'-11"
  • Note: A 4'-9" wide hallway US of the back wall is used for crossovers

Stage width center line to:

  • SL Tab Legs 24'-0"
  • Pin Rail (SL) 32'-4"
  • SR Tab Legs 24'-6"
  • SR Wall 35'-1"

Plaster line at center stage to:

  • Back Wall of House 64'-0"
  • Booth Overhang 56'-6"


Stage Floor: Resilient (sprung) deck with hardwood surface. Nothing may be mounted to the deck using screws, lag bolts, or etc.

Orchestra Pit

No Orchestra Pit exists, however, the first 4 rows of the center section may be removed to accommodate a pit band - 23'-6" Wide x 11'-0" Deep.

Loading Facilities and Access

Tractor-Trailers can be accommodated at the exterior loading dock (25'-0" Wide x 20'-0" Deep).

The primary loading door is an 8'-0" Wide x 12'-0" High roll-up door into scene shop/storage area. A 90 degree turn must be made in the scene shop before preceding through another two (8'-0" x 12'-0") roll-up doors to stage.

The secondary loading door is a 7'-10" x 7'-10" double door, no center post, leading down a 10' wide corridor then either through a (8' x 12') roll-up door onto the stage or down a 5'-0" Wide corridor to wardrobe, dressing rooms, and other support areas.